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    5 Important Reasons Your Next Site NEEDS to be Responsive

    Posted by Randy Smith on Dec 3, 2014 2:41:35 PM

    As the age of websites changes rapidly, the trends of the past few years are proving interactive and responsive to users. Styles like parallax designs allows for a website’s content to be on one page with a simple scroll.

    Mobile-responsive websites are easy to use on mobile devices and keep up with the trend of technology on demand with just a touch. If you are having a website designed or considering a redesign for your existing website, there are some reasons why you should consider a responsive site.

    1. The main goal of a website is to obtain and repeat traffic. Responsive sites get repeat traffic as they are easier to browse, creating an easier user experience. This kind of experience is vital. 

    2. With customers browsing more frequently on your site, you will see an increase in time spent on your site. This is important because the longer someone is on your site, the more information they will retain.

    3. When a potential customer knows more about what your company has to offer, they are more apt to spend money with you. 

    4. When you have a responsive site and your usability is seamless, this will ultimately help with your SEO campaigns and being found online. Having a strong SEO campaign can set you apart from your competition. 

    People are less and less patient with technology and they expect advice, answers and information at the touch of their finger. Having a responsive website will keep you on track with trends, as well as allowing your customers to find you and the information they want when they need it.

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