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    5 Digital New Year's Resolutions for Marketing Your Business

    Posted by Synchronicity on Jan 2, 2018 9:01:00 AM



    It’s 2018! We’re as happy as anyone else to say sayonara to 2017, and we’ve got big plans for next year. We’re excited to help our clients usher implement digital strategies that will totally transform their businesses.

    What does 2018 hold for your business? Here are five (digital) new year’s resolutions you need to market your brand well into 2018 and beyond.

    1. Define Those Goals

      “Transformation” can’t be measured without knowing what you’re transforming from, right? It’s time you clearly articulated your digital goals so you can use next year as a measuring stick to see how far your efforts get you. Do you need more qualified leads? More traffic to your website? Maybe you need better brand recognition or more opens when you send out an email campaign? Digital is measurable. Put that functionality to work.

    2. Bank on Your Blog

      Your business needs a blog, but you already knew that. Your company blog is the engine that keeps your digital marketing strategy running; It’s a central repository of branded content you can own completely. Consider it the hub of your overall content marketing efforts. Put a plan behind your blogging efforts: create campaigns, work up a schedule, and most importantly, keep putting out useful, relevant blog content.

    3. Get on Board with Video

      The future of digital marketing is video. If your business isn’t creating video you’re missing out on the kind of content over 80% of consumer web traffic is looking for. Video humanizes your brand. It’s excellent for detailed how-tos and conveying explanatory information and it’s particularly useful if you’re in a dense industry like manufacturing. Video is what your customers want. Figure out how to get it to them.

    4. Automate Your Processes

      There’s no reason your digital marketing efforts have to be such a bottleneck. There are plenty of excellent software products out there (like Hubspot!) that are designed to automate your marketing efforts and reduce some of the legwork that stands in the way of your online progress. Not only does working within automation software keep everything streamlined, it also gives you visibility into what’s working and what’s not. Your digital marketing strategy, when functioning well, will become too big to effectively manage off spreadsheets and email chains. Get ahead of the problem by looking into software today.

    5. Find a Digital Partner

      Leads are good. Qualified leads are immeasurably better. The right digital partner will work with you to determine exactly how to drive better, higher-quality leads to your business through amazing web design, impactful online marketing, and creation of compelling content. It’s a process, but it’s one that provides incredible ROI when executed correctly. Navigating the digital landscape is complex. The right digital partner makes it a lot less overwhelming.


    Synchronicity is the right digital partner.

    We specialize in working with medium-sized brands to create digital strategies that work. Better leads, better processes, and better brand awareness…these are just a few of the value-adds our digital marketing services offer our clients.

    We want to hear from you in 2018.
    If digital marketing could make your business better (hint: it can!),
    give us a shout.


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    Randy Smith brings both an extensive creative and sales background to the world of digital marketing. As the founder of Synchronicity he has been rattling the foundations of traditional business methods for over 20 years and using his lifelong entrepreneurial savvy to successfully help businesses grow their sales and marketing. He is also a Billboard and international award winning musician, recording 6 albums and touring extensively throughout the US and Canada.