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4 Signs that You Need a New Website

Posted by Synchronicity on Mar 20, 2019 9:10:00 AM



Marketing technology is evolving and the pace of that evolution continues to speed up. Your website strategy should evolve at a similar rate. In other words, if your website has changed little in the last few years, it could be hampering your marketing efforts. A new website may be beneficial in several areas. Here are 4 signs that you need a new website:

1. You Need a Better UX/UI

One problem faced by many businesses is that their websites are actually getting good traffic but the conversion rate is low. If this is your problem, the first step in solving it will be to find out why visitors are bouncing. One issue may be your site's user experience. User experience (UX) is the term for how visitors experience your website. Bad UX can have a profound negative effect on engagement and decrease the number of leads your website generates. For example, if people have issues finding information easily, they may visit one of your competitor's websites instead. You want to make navigation as simple as possible to keep users from being overwhelmed. Excessive information and distracting visuals can lead to frustration and cause potential customers to seek out alternatives. Other factors can include the quality of your content. Quality content makes your users feel that you understand their needs. Users will also move on if pages take too long to load. According to Adweek, shaving a mere six seconds off a page's load time can increase conversions by 74 percent.

2. Your Website is Insecure

Privacy and security are among users' big concerns and they should be among yours as well. These factors are important even if you do not store customer information on your website. Why? SEO, for one thing. Google takes security into consideration, which means that if your website is marked insecure, it will affect your search ranking. A hack happens every 39 seconds, according to research from the University of Maryland. Visitors know to look for important indicators of a website's security. A secure website is a key part of building trust and getting visitors to convert.

3. The Content Management System (CMS) is Difficult to Use

Your CMS should be flexible and user-friendly so as to make adding and updating content as easy as possible. It should also be robust — you should not be dependent on IT every time you need to make updates. Your CMS should also allow you to provide your users with the best possible experience and to track data. A newer CMS can enable multiple users to publish content easily and track how a visitor uses your site. Easy publishing and user-tracking makes it possible for you to provide them with an optimal experience.

4. You Need a More Attractive Design

Looks matter and the appearance of your website is one of the factors that form the vital first impression in the minds of your visitors. Add to that the fact that attention spans are shortening. You now have a very short window in which to build credibility in the eye of the prospective customer. Make no mistake, they will move on if they find your website unappealing. Keep in mind that it's not just the credibility of your website that's at stake but that of your brand as well. Like its security, your users will see your website's aesthetic appeal as a sign of your professionalism. They will also judge your website against those of your competitors.

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