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4 Ingredients for a Stellar Email Newsletter

04/20/18, 9:04 AM


Everyone and their brother puts out an email newsletter. Yours needs to be better and more memorable than everyone else’s to cut through the clutter.

But how?

How can you create the kind of newsletter than leaves an impression and ideally, encourages its recipients to convert? Here are Sync’s suggestions for four ingredients every stellar newsletter needs.


  1. Something of Value
    No one wants junk, even if it is free. Your newsletter has to give its audience something of value to entice them to spend their precious time looking through it. That’s easier said than done.

    Offers of value can range significantly in scope. The most tangible example is a discount, which is certainly something you can choose to stick in your newsletter. (Just be sure to mix up the discounts so your service/product isn’t always “on sale.”) Another option is to create compelling content your audience will love to read, particularly if it’s only for the newsletter.

  1. Curation
    A lot of businesses think they need to stick everything in each newsletter. If you’re putting out two blog posts a week, for example, you don’t necessarily need to include a link to all of them within your email blast. Engaged customers will already have seen them!

    Really think about your audience – what they value, which questions they have, etc. – when curating your newsletter, and don’t forget to think forward. If there’s something coming up in your industry next month, for example, your newsletter is a good place to address it.

  1. Branding
    Your customer should easily be able to pick out your newsletter in a lineup. Branding is key to creating a conversation that is continuous and ongoing, and one that your customers can trust.

    Each newsletter you create should have a “look”, and it should follow the same template. Think about colors, typeface, logo, and photographs and the way in which you format the content. Remember, you don’t have to squish every last word of your content into the newsletter itself…make it a link!

  1. Call to Action
    A newsletter isn’t just a newsletter, it’s a nudge. Your readers should never be confused about what to do next if they’re intrigued by your messaging. That’s where the call to action comes in.

    Think about each newsletter as a separate opportunity for action. December’s newsletter, for example, could contain content and messaging that drives readers to a landing page where they schedule an end-of-year inspection. Make it clear, make it concise, and make it attractive. 


Newsletters are the bread and butter of email marketing campaigns. If yours isn’t excellent, you’re just adding to the noise your customers are trying to block out every day. The trick is identifying the customers with the potential to be interested in your offerings and then give them what they want. You don’t have to worry about touching everyone, just the ones that matter.

Synchronicity can help you create newsletters that work. Reach out to our team today to talk about who your customers are…and what they’re after.


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