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4 Immediate Payoffs of Investing In a New Website

02/04/17, 10:13 AM

4 Immediate Payoffs of Investing In a New Website.jpeg

Developing a new website is a big investment. It takes time, focus, and yes, money, to create something durable and professional to represent your business online. You may be wondering whether or not the investment is worth it.

We’re here to tell you it unequivocally, unquestionably is.

If you’re looking for an immediate payoff from investing in a new website, you won’t be disappointed if you choose to work with a reputable web developer who listens to your wants and understands your needs. Here are four payoffs you can expect to see as soon as your new website goes live.

  1. Improved user experience.
    It’s impossible to overstate how important it is for your website user to have a good experience. In today’s digital world, consumers just won’t stand for slow-loading pages, hard-to-read text, and websites that don’t readily reformat on mobile. Your newly-designed website should immediately improve UX (user experience) and keep people on your site longer – this is called your “bounce rate,” and you want it as low as possible.

  2. Better Messaging.
    If your website is developed with the help of a seasoned design agency, the finished product should be targeted and concise. This means that the messaging was based on research, giving it a very deliberate way of communicating with your ideal customer. Better messaging that creates a clear and direct way of speaking to the kind of people you’re trying to attract, and will help users understand how they relate to your business. This clarity makes users more likely to stay on the site and (eventually) contact you directly.
  1. Ease of use (for you.)
    If you’ve been tirelessly struggling with the backend of a clunky, hard-to-update website for years, you won’t believe how easy better design makes the process. When you’ve got a simple CMS at your disposal that allows you to quickly update text and images on your website – and even add pages, if necessary! – you’ll find yourself more readily making changes which in turn boosts your search visibility.

  2. Better SEO.
    SEO is a process, and anyone who tells you otherwise is, well, full of it. But…but! Some benefits of better SEO can be gleaned immediately, and if you’ve just launched a new website you’re throwing a lot of information at the search engines at once. A new sitemap, better Meta Tags, and keyword-focused headers and Title Tags will improve your rankings in no time. (Caveat: “No time” isn’t necessarily immediately, but it’s close.)

Sound promising? A new website is both a long-term investment in your business and a great way to see immediate improvement in your inbound links, ease-of-use, and more. It’s your web developer’s job to help you understand exactly when you should expect to see which results, and then to help you get there.

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Randy Smith