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4 Branding Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by Synchronicity on Aug 30, 2017, 9:27:00 AM


Have you been branding your business?

Like it or not, your business has a brand. Smart companies take control of their branding, creating the narrative themselves; others let branding happen to them, allowing customers (or worse, competitors,) to brand their business for them.

Whether you’re actively branding or just starting to consider the ways in which your business’ brand affects your marketing efforts, here are four huge branding blunders to avoid.

  1. Inconsistency Across Platforms
    Think of branding as a “look” and “voice” for your company – just like a person has a distinctive face and manner of speaking, brands should too. When branding your business, the elements of the brand need to stay consistent across all mediums, even if that means having one big ‘roll-out’ of a new branding effort. Your brand should be identifiable on business cards, on your website, in commercials, and anywhere else your business is represented.


  1. Not Knowing What a Brand “Element” is
    In a nutshell, the elements of your brand are the things that make it distinctive. Every great brand has multiple elements. Consider Coca Cola’s brand elements: That bright red, that cursive script, that curved bottle…all of these were purposefully-chosen brand elements. Understand that your brand isn’t just built on a logo, it’s about colors, fonts, and even in the word-choice and sentence structure you use. At the same time, remember not to muddle your brand by choosing too many brand elements. Seven color palettes, fifteen fonts, three different slogans…your brand should be clear, not confusing.


  1. Allowing Your Brand to Grow Stale
    It can be really difficult to know when it’s time to reinvent a brand, particularly for business owners who are married to their current branding. That’s why it’s so, so important to get an objective opinion from branding professionals in your field from time to time; they can recognize when something’s not working the way you think it is. Revamping your brand doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of the old one, either! It’s entirely possible to modernize a brand’s identity without losing the feel of the decades-old marketing efforts that came before. In some industries, that’s even preferable to launching a totally new brand.


  1. Not Understanding Your Brand’s Audience
    Remember: branding is a service for your audience, not for your business. The whole point of branding is to appeal – quickly and efficiently – to your target audience. Your brand should speak to that audience’s preferences and needs and it definitely should be general enough that your audience can grow with it. Are you doing enough to understand who your business’ target audience is and how to reach them? Reviewing customer data and defining buyer personas are the best places to start.


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