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3 Ways You Can Help Your Web Project Finish on Time

09/28/16, 10:05 AM
Alex Kastanas


We hear it all the time from our new clients:

“We just hate working with creatives! They’re always so…behind. Hopefully you guys will stick to the deadlines!”

The good news? We will! The bad news? We need your help.

Sometimes it’s the nicest, most well-meaning clients that actually get in their own way. Unfortunately, a schedule for web design – or for any professional service, really! – is typically dependent on both sides of the time coming together in a productive, efficient way. If you really want your web project to finish on time (and we know you do!), here’s how to help.

1. Do Your Homework

Whether it’s the first time you’ve ever had a website designed or the 30th agency you’ve visited, you’ll probably need to bring and/or supply some information to your development team. What’s required will depend on the scope of work requested and the services you’re contracting for, but be prepared to quickly supply the dev team with everything from past marketing efforts and data, any content you’d like to be included (especially photos or logos!) and the name of a point person. From there, you’ll dig deeper as a team on specific issues or topics, but this information will lay the foundation for the developer’s early work which is the building block of the whole project.

As for that point person? Pick one, and stick with them! No one benefits from too many cooks in the computer kitchen.

2. Approve, Approve, Approve!

Did we mention…approve? The biggest hold up we see on a daily basis is radio silence from clients when it’s time to actually review, edit, and approve work done up to various points. Things always start out well with everyone making the scheduled phone calls and checking their messages, but after a few weeks it takes more poking and prodding to get things through the funnel. Not only does this just stretch out your timeline, it also saps the momentum out of the development itself as the project waits idly for you to return.

3. Don’t Second Guess

This one is tough to nail down, but it actually ties into the first section about doing your due diligence before meeting with developers. It’s important for you to know what your goal is when creating a new site; is it views? Clicks on your newsletter? A Kim Kardashian-esque social following? Trust that your development team knows what they’re doing when they make decisions along the way, and don’t ask later if you can add a little here and snip a little there…it’s a snowball effect. Stick with your plan – the one you and your super-experienced, highly-recommended development team came up with, remember? – and you’ll be happy with the result.

Got questions? Call the Synchronicity team to talk about why your past web projects have always run behind schedule, and find out what we do to help our clients stay on track.


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Alex Kastanas

Alex Kastanas