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3 Ways to Promote a Successful Google+ Hangout

01/08/14, 5:36 PM

Google+ has developed into a great tool for businesses across the globe. This social media outlet had a very slow beginning but has climbed into one of the top used social networks today. Are you on Google+? You should be! Google+ has so many new features, including Google Hangouts. By utilizing a Google Hangout, you can host a live video chat session with friends, employees, and potential clients.

1) Promotion Through Social Media
Promoting your Google+ Hangout can be successful through many different social media platforms. Based upon where your target audience may be, you may choose Linkedin or even Twitter. Be sure to provide a short, simple message with instructions to join the meeting easily. Use a custom URL, or even a tracking URL to track your promotional efforts.

2) Tell Your Current Clients
Utilize your current clients and mailing lists by promoting your Google+ Hangout to them! This is a easy way to get viewers and also another way for the word to be spread about the event.

3) Use Call To Action Buttons on Your Website
Utilize your current website visitors and market to them to join your event! Create a call to action button that will quickly convert them into attendees. You can also utilize your website with landing pages promoting the event.

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Randy Smith