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3 Ways to Make a Great First Impression on Social Media

11/14/16, 10:03 AM
Alex Kastanas

3 Ways to Make a Great First Impression on Social Media

How does the saying go? “You only get one chance to impress your Facebook fans?” Something like that. Don’t quote us.

Your business truly only gets one chance to make a first impression online. Today’s consumer has the attention span of a gnat and they’ll tune you out as quickly as they can say “broken link.” If your brand is launching a new social media presence or simply revamping the one you’ve got, here are three ways to make a great first impression.

  1. Match your branding on all your web presences.

Ever bought a nice piece of clothing from a store then had them put it in a crinkly plastic bag? An incongruent customer experience can be off-putting and can confuse consumers about your brand message. Before your website drives people to your social pages and vice versa, make sure they match. A uniform online presence – both visually and experientially – gives a consumer a seamless experience with your brand. Your logo, your colors, your imaging, and even the tone of your content should flow between all your marketing, especially online.

  1. Consistently put out useful, relevant information.

On social media, silence is deadly. A brand with nothing to say is a brand that’s boring or, worse, that’s hiding from something. If you don’t take control of your social presence, others will. It’s critical that if you have the social presences, you use them! This means putting out regular relevant content that’s pertinent to your message. Sharing industry links you think your customers might like, positing questions to illicit responses, and reposting in-house content like blogs and e-Books are a start. Social only works if it’s interactive, and no consumer wants to have one-sided conversations.

  1. Be responsive.

It’s critical that you be available by social if you’re going to be present. Today’s consumer, particularly millennials, want immediate gratification so it’s important to be there to answer their questions or respond to their grievances when and how they want. In an age where overseas phone trees and “customer service” is an oxymoron, a personal response can create a loyal customer for life. Check your messages, your tags, and your mentions each and every day – multiple times, if you can! – or pay a service to do it for you.


Think of your business’ social media profiles as online business cards. Consumers aren’t going to spend a lot of time looking at them, but the information they’re looking for better be there when they need it. Make your info easy to find, conversational in tone, and visually appealing.

Social media is only part of your online persona, but its impact should never be underestimated.


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Alex Kastanas

Alex Kastanas