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3 Ways to Know Your Website Is Outdated and Needs to Be Redesigned

12/11/13, 8:45 AM

Putting up a website for your business is a great idea to gain online business and attract new potential customers. However, your website needs to be optimized for it to be visible in search results. The more visible your website, the more leads it will generate. But the internet is evolving constantly and businesses always need new ways to stay on top of their game.

Customer preferences also change, making it important to keep up with the latest consumer trends. If your website does become outdated, it is best to redesign it. Keeping your site up to date will ensure it attracts customers. Here are a few ways to find out whether your site is outdated:

Last Redesigning Of Website

At an average your website must be redesigned every two years. As the internet and customers’ preferences get evolved, it’s best that your website is up to date as well. Updating your website will make sure your website is up to speed with the latest trends and content. There was a time when it was a good idea to play music when a visitor opens your site. However, visitors no longer appreciate that. They would rather have a simple website which does what they want, when they want.

Complicated Design

If there is one thing that customers are not very fond of, that would be a complicated website. Nowadays everything is about convenience and ease of operating. If your website has a complicated design, it has to be redesigned. This is a main cause for traffic bouncing off a page. An over-complicated website confuses visitors. And when they can’t understand your website, they’ll look elsewhere. To avoid this, keep the website design simple and interactive.

Non-Responsive To Search Engine Queries

One major reason for redesigning your site is if it is not responsive to search queries. You should hire an SEO company and have the content organized and the pages redesigned.

It is extremely important to keep your website up to date if you want it pull in business. A site which is not up to date will drive business away.

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Randy Smith