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3 Ways to Accelerate Online Marketing for Your Small Business

03/01/17, 10:23 AM
Alex Kastanas

3 Ways to Accelerate Online Marketing for Your Small Business.jpeg

So, you want to accelerate your small businesses’ online marketing efforts? Great! By being present online you’re lending your business legitimacy, authenticity, and opening up communication avenues between you and your customers.

What can you do to boost your small business’ online marketing without a ton of effort? Here are three ideas from the digital marketing experts at Sync.

Implement Paid Social Media Ads
In the past two years, social media advertising budgets around the world have doubled. Marketing professionals know the numbers and as it turns out, social ads offer one of the highest ROIs in advertising. Nearly two-thirds of people in North America are on social media and users rate social ads as more trustworthy than traditional media. Social media ads are highly-targeted and relatively inexpensive; it’s not uncommon to get thousands of impressions for just a few dollars. Because they’re hyper-specific it’s important to roll out many social ads at once and carefully monitor analytics to see which are working best. Hiring a digital marketing firm is your best bet if you don’t have time to do the heavy lifting.

Engage Your Customers Personally Online
The web presents small businesses with an unprecedented opportunity to connect directly with their customers. From fielding customer questions to addressing consumer concerns, the Internet is where your business should be if it wants to engage with its target market. Customers – particularly young, millennial consumers – turn to business’ online presences to find out information, ask questions, and be persuaded. It’s important that you’re always present online; the 24/7 nature of the Internet is part of the draw for consumers. When you get messages, likes, or queries, give feedback immediately. The more engaged you are on social media and other online presences the more your audience will learn to trust your brand.

Create Compelling Content
Content is the bread and butter of the online world. Your business is in a unique position to put out authentic, interesting content specific to your brand, but doing so takes forethought and effort. Online content takes a lot of forms, from blogs to video to social media postings, and researching which medium your audience responds to is the first step. Compelling content can elevate your brand to a thought-leader in your space as well as give consumers a reason to return to your website time and again. A digital marketing agency can help you stay on top of creating and disseminating the kind of content your audience wants.


Does your small business need help accelerating its online presence? Synchronicity can help. Our online experts have years of experience getting businesses results – what can we do for you?

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Alex Kastanas

Alex Kastanas