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3 Tips to Engage Your Target Audience on Twitter

04/23/14, 1:53 PM

It is important to learn how to engage your followers on Twitter. Twitter is a micro-blogging social media platform that is very unique compared to other social media websites.
Let Synchronicity help you grow your fanbase on Twitter! Check out these tips to make your tweets more effective.

Profile with a Personality

The first step is to create your own Twitter profile. Your Twitter profile is your platform to engage your audience, so it has to have a unique kick to it in order to stand out! You have to bring your personality into the profile.

You can do so by adding as much detail about yourself as possible. Always remember that Twitter works differently than Facebook or Google+ because your tweets are constrained to 140 characters. Keep changing the profile picture check your profile, even if it's the image that is engaging them.

Engage Your Followers

One of the worst things you can do is fail to interact with your followers. This often compels people to unfollow you. Provide lots of information about what you and your business do in order to engage your target audience. Make a point of reaching out to communicate to your followers by retweeting relevant tweets and responding to their shout-outs. This will expand your network.

Tweeting Effectively

Tweeting is an art. You should become a reliable source of information for your followers. Try to be one of the first to tweet about trending news regarding your business or field. This will help you gain online authority for your niche.

These are just some tips for increasing your online presence on Twitter! For more help and information, contact Synchronicity Web Designs. We are a complete digital marketing agency and can help you reach your online goals (and beyond)! 

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