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3 Signs Your Digital Marketing Strategy is on the Right Track

09/01/17, 9:57 AM


You’ve been investing in digital marketing for your business.

Good for you! You’re already well on your way towards creating a sustainable, profitable foundation for your marketing strategy…but how can you tell your efforts are working?

Here are three signs your digital marketing strategy is on the right track.

What to Watch for: More qualified leads coming in
What NOT to Worry About: The exact number of impressions your marketing gets

Good marketing blasts a message to as many people as it can reach. Great marketing creates specific, tailored messages for target audiences who are already more likely to buy. Digital marketing creates a lot of data; it’s less important to fret over exactly how many people your ad was exposed to or how high your website ranks for an industry-general search term. What makes more sense to pay attention to is how much movement you’re seeing: have your search rankings improved for specific, “long-tail” keywords used by people highly-likely to buy? Are you getting a lot of referral traffic to the site from sources like Facebook and LinkedIn? Are people sharing the content you put out there? Remember, it’s not the impressions that matter, it’s the number of qualified leads.

What to Watch for: Better sales/marketing alignment
What NOT to Worry About: The phone not ringing off the hook all day long

In an ideal world, your marketing efforts will complement, not compete against, your sales efforts. Talk often with your sales team to find out what they’re hearing from customers. Do they call in with questions you thought your marketing was already answering? Have they noticed an uptick in potential new clients that seem well-informed and ready to buy? When sales and marketing efforts are aligned, customers come to your business further down the purchasing funnel. The great thing about digital marketing is that it’s the perfect tool for pushing a site visitor through to customer conversion.

What to Watch for: Incremental, sustainable progress
What NOT to Worry About: Creating big “jumps” in marketing effectiveness

Digital marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Beware any digital marketer that promises you lightning-fast results. Some results will come quickly, sure, from low-hanging SEO fruit and easy wins in digital ads. But if you notice massive spikes in the number of visitors your site is receiving (especially if those visits don’t correlate to calls!) or in your site’s search ranking results, it’s time to reevaluate. Your online reputation is built on hundreds of factors and it takes time to address those factors the right way. The last thing your business needs is traction that can’t be sustained.

Is your digital strategy working?
Synchronicity isn’t just your online marketing expert…we’re your partner. Our team works hard to understand your business so we can create a customized, long-term strategy that works. Digital marketing isn’t one-size-fits-all and what works for your business might not work for someone else’s.

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