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    3 Reasons Your Business Needs an Explainer Video

    Posted by Synchronicity on Apr 4, 2018 9:02:00 AM


    Four out of five businesses are already using video as a marketing tool. Over 97% of those that do say video helps their customers better understand their product or service.

    Do you know what an explainer video is?
    Your business might need one.

    Here’s a great example from our friends at helm…they love how simply it explains their process. After watching, are you now thinking about the ways a video like this could streamline your process? Here are three reasons you could use an explainer video.


    1. Your business is something totally new.
      Explainer videos make perfect sense for businesses that are novel. That’s why so many mobile apps have them! Services that suddenly exist out of nowhere, particularly if customers won’t be sure why they need them at all, are perfect for explainer videos.

      If you’re introducing something new to the market – a new way of doing something common, a radically-priced service, a technically advanced solution – you need an elevator pitch. Explainer videos allow you to talk in generalities with accompanying visuals, and they’re concise enough viewers won’t get bored.

    1. Your business is complex or hard to understand.
      A new concept is hard enough to explain, but a whole business whose model is complex? Forget it! Today’s consumer has the attention span of a gnat; if you can’t tell them what you’ve got to offer and why it’s better in a short period of time, you’ll lose them. That’s where video comes in.

      Explainer videos are ideal for pairing explanatory context with actual visuals. They work well for technical equipment, for technological devices, and even for multi-step processes. Most people learn visually or audibly; creating an explainer video teaches them both ways at once.

    1. Your customers aren’t converting.
      If you’re getting a lot of website traffic and your customers aren’t converting, you may have an understanding mismatch. Worse, if your website’s bounce rate is high, your customers may be confused about what you do, ending up on your site in error! If you can’t explain your business, who else will?

      An explainer video placed on your homepage is a good way to move potential customers further down the purchasing funnel. It qualifies your leads for you, weeding out people who truly aren’t a fit and capturing the attention of those who didn’t yet understand the scope of what you do. It’s a win-win: Your customers get a better user experience and you land more conversions.

    Explainer videos are the hot new thing in commercial video, and for good reason. They’re easier (and cheaper!) to make than you think, and they can be powerful marketing tools for your business. Videos don’t just make sense for your website, they can be used anywhere you’re making a digital statement.

    Talk to Sync today about whether or not an explainer video makes sense for your brand.





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