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    3 Reasons to Tweak Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

    Posted by Synchronicity on Sep 25, 2017 9:27:00 AM

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    Inbound marketing is the future of your business. At least, if you like bringing in warm, qualified leads, it is! Synchronicity knows a thing or two about helping small- and medium-sized businesses improve their inbound marketing strategy. Many of our clients come to us without ever even realizing their inbound process is broken.

    How do you know you need to tweak your inbound marketing strategy? Here are three surefire signs.

    1. Your reach isn’t growing.

      Inbound marketing is a multistep process but the first step is always, always growing your brand’s reach. If you’re not making an impression on new potential customers, what’s the point? One-and-done marketing isn’t a strategy, either; you need to nurture the leads that don’t buy right away (see reason #3), but goal numero uno needs to be growing your customer base through content, branding, and knowledgeable service. How can you grow your business’ inbound marketing pool? Lots of ways! Email marketing, social media engagement, and regular blogging are just a few ideas – a qualified digital marketer will have many, many more.

    2. Your leads aren’t qualified.

      Speaking of growing your lead pool…are you growing the wrong one? One of the biggest online marketing mistakes we see is investment in blind impressions. Sure, 2,000 people got your monthly newsletter email, but only 64 opened it? Something’s not right. Qualified leads are more likely to hear your message and buy your product or service. They come to you “warmer,” that is, more educated about their own problem and curious about how your business can fix it. Tweaking your inbound strategy to develop better, not more leads is a complex process, but necessary.

    3. Your lead nurturing process is broken.

      Once you identify your qualified lead pool through buyer personas, how well are you reaching those people? Most leads don’t buy right away; they have to be nurtured for days, weeks, and even months before they decide to purchase. This is where effective branding comes into play, and where a consistent marketing strategy is crucial. Content marketing (through eBooks, blogging, etc.), email marketing (welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, etc.), and inbound marketing software (Hubspot, etc.) are all drivers of leads that eventually convert. And that’s the goal, right?

    Does your inbound marketing strategy need a tune up? If you’re not seeing the kind of results you want, either in numbers or in qualification, you may want to try something new. Sync’s team of crack digital marketers are experts in lead generation and they have all the tools and resources to help your business succeed. It’s time you set inbound marketing goals…and achieve them.

    Ready for a strategy reset? Give our team a call today to find out how we can help.



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    Randy Smith brings both an extensive creative and sales background to the world of digital marketing. As the founder of Synchronicity he has been rattling the foundations of traditional business methods for over 20 years and using his lifelong entrepreneurial savvy to successfully help businesses grow their sales and marketing. He is also a Billboard and international award winning musician, recording 6 albums and touring extensively throughout the US and Canada.