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3 Reasons Manufacturers Need Marketing Automation

01/04/18, 9:02 AM



Marketing automation can take your business to the next level.

That’s particularly true if you’re a manufacturer. Whether you’re an established firm, a startup operation, or somewhere in between, automating your most important marketing activities is the best way to get ahead and stay there. Here’s why.


  1. Marketing automation creates a plan.

    Without a plan behind them, marketing activities can feel like throwing wet noodles at a wall and hoping something sticks. If great marketing platforms like your blog and your business’ social media accounts are the foundation of your overall marketing strategy, automation offers the blueprints.

    One of the primary functions of automation software is to help you make sense of your data. Seeing years of data aggregated is the best way to spot patterns. It’s useful when trying to create new ones. If you’re a manufacturer, long sales cycles make planning out your marketing efforts all the more important. One missed opportunity could impact a whole year of business.

  1. Marketing automation aligns sales and marketing efforts.

    Marketing is the lead generator; sales is the closer. Creating a marketing plan without aligning it with the sales team is a recipe for disaster. In the manufacturing industry, “sales” is often a nebulous term, but it’s a role that’s critically important to closing meaningful business.

    Without sales and marketing alignment, things fall through the cracks. Questions go unanswered, white-hot leads get ignored, and customers’ pain points are misunderstood. Marketing automation software puts processes behind lead conversion and links marketing directly to sales. It’s the only way to ensure cohesive activity between the two most important parts of the purchasing funnel.

  1. Marketing automation creates better leads.

    Speaking of white-hot leads…does your manufacturing business even know what one of those looks like? Which qualities make a lead worth pursuing, and which mean they’re better off choosing someone else? Automation software turns leads into measurable, quantifiable data points.

    Great marketing automation is designed specifically to enhance the process of lead generation. Once those (super high-quality!) leads are generated, it provides tools to nurture them. Once those leads become sales, automation even incentivizes the kind of follow up that keeps customers coming back.


We can’t say enough about what marketing automation can do for your business. It grows sales. It streamlines processes. It saves Dave in the front office from having to spend endless hours on the phone with uninformed potential customers.

It’s the edge your manufacturing business needs.

If you’re not actively growing your business, you’re probably shrinking it (even if you don’t realize it!) Marketing isn’t something you can keep putting off and it’s not a once -a-month activity.

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