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3 Reasons Designers Should Learn to Code: HTML & CSS

07/24/15, 3:18 PM
Alex Kastanas

type-awayLearning to code is no easy task. It takes time, persistence and commitment. Learning to code in HTML & CSS will open the doors for opportunity and improved design. Here are three tips to get you started!

1) Design for the Web — Not the Other Way Around

When designing for the web, you’re optimizing your layouts and elements for desktop, tablet and mobile. You are preemptively preventing resizing and changes down the road for when a front-end developer takes your photoshop file, chops it up and lines up your layout into a web environment.

If you are capable of designing for the web properly, that means you have an understanding of how your design is going to function online. You are now designing for the web instead of forcing the web to fit around your design.

2) Bring your Design to Life

Although there are tools out there that can make your designs “active” and clickable, nothing beats being able to move from photoshop to building out your prototype or final draft by yourself before sending it to some PHP sweatshop. Building your own design will also allow you to better view what is technically feasible and realistic in the web.

Creating your own prototype/layout can give you a further dive into the user’s flow through your design allowing you to enhance the UX (User Experience) prior to the actual build out.

3) Coding Gives you a Competitive Edge

website-647013_640Adding anything relevant to your skill set gives you an edge over your competition. Knowing HTML & CSS will give you more control over the projects you are working on and your employers will love it. Also, when looking for new opportunities, you will stand out from the rest as someone with an advanced skill set and knowledge base.

In conclusion, HTML & CSS are becoming more design based languages than technical languages. Using them to your advantage will only make your work more efficient, more useful and more accurate to what our technologically advanced world wants and needs.

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Alex Kastanas

Alex Kastanas