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3 Marketing Automation Campaign Types Every Manufacturer Should Use

Posted by Synchronicity on Jan 10, 2018, 9:07:00 AM

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Marketing automation is the key to broadening your manufacturing business.

But you already knew that.

Automating your marketing processes helps bring in new business and nurture existing customers. From email messages to pointed blog posts, every action within the marketing process should be dictated by its campaign. Campaigns are umbrellas. They’re high-level strategies for moving a particular kind of customer further down the purchasing funnel, and your manufacturing business should be running multiple campaigns at any given time.

Here are three of the most important.


1. Content Download Campaign

Marketing campaigns revolve around killer content. The “warmest” leads your manufacturing business will ever get are people who actively choose to download the industry-specific content you’re putting out. They’re pre-qualified, they’re interested, and they already like what you have to say. Engaging this kind of audience is a delicate balance. Try to “sell” this group too aggressively, and your emails are likely to be blocked. Miss your opportunity to move the customer further down the purchasing funnel and eventually, you’re back to square one.

A great solution is to offer additional, related content for free right up front. This gives the customer added incentive to stay in touch and – if you’re putting out the right kind of content – further educates them on why they need your product or service.


2. Form Submission Campaign

The most important part of any campaign is its Calls-to-Action. They’re what induces a customer to take action, whether that’s calling your sales team, signing up for your newsletter, or reaching out for a quote. Once they follow through on a CTA, your customer should enter your form submission campaign.

When a customer consciously fills out a form with their information, the ball is in your court. In addition to immediately serving that customer information in the form of blog posts and eBooks related to their query, their info should also be sent directly to the correct salesperson who can reach out directly. That’s where the right automation software comes in.


3. Customer Retention Campaign

It’s critical for manufacturers in particular to remember that current clients need to be nurtured as carefully as prospective ones. Manufacturers usually have long sales cycles, so it’s not unusual for a customer to buy once then disappear for a year before they’re ready to buy again.

Once a sale is closed, that contact should enter a campaign specifically designed for retention. A customer satisfaction email is a good start, as are periodic check-ins to ensure there’s no additional customer service needed. Occasional informational emails (like a newsletter!) are a good way to stay in touch, and of course, should include plenty of CTAs!

Does your manufacturing business need marketing automation help in 2018? Synchronicity is ready. Our specialty is businesses just like yours. Let’s get started creating campaigns specific to what you do.

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