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2014 Trends in Digital Content Marketing

03/10/14, 9:20 AM

There are many different areas that need to be focused on to create great content, but what about marketing content and getting it to actually be seen by an audience?
Here are just some trending items for digital content marketing in 2014.


The competition online is increasing. This means that when you put out content, you have other competitors who are also creating content. The battle for consumers’ attention is expanding!

When creating content, take it a step further to determine how the content will be displayed. Will the blog also have an attractive infographic with it or will there be a video that supplements discussions in the blog piece? How will your content compete with others?


Multi-Channel Content Creation

When writing a blog, let’s assume it will be placed on your website. Maybe you will also post the blog article to your Facebook Page or Twitter. In 2014, that is not enough. Different content may need to be created for each marketing channel.
Take one blog post and turn it into a video for marketing on YouTube. Make an infographic for marketing on Pinterest. You can even a use a photo or image while writing the blog article and link it to Instagram. Content needs to be created not just for one social profile but towards all. This will help provide your followers with a seamless experience no matter what channel they are on.


When creating digital content, experimentation is a must! How else will you determine new areas to drive traffic or results? PCs are becoming an even smaller percentage of devices used to access the web. Mobile phones, tablets, and other devices are taking the stage. How will you connect with your audience as they make the move from PC to iPad?
Your digital content needs to be able to reach each type of device. Maybe holding webinars or creating an in-store digital access point for your content would be a great test. There are many ways to experiment.
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Randy Smith